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I first met Hailey and Jared  back in December. They were in Spokane for the holidays and we were planning their engagement session. The only thing she REALLY wanted was snow, which at the time we had very little of =( . Did I want it to snow? Nope, not at all hahaha. I was just starting to get used to the cold weather here… and by getting used to, I mean walking out of the house with only 6 layers on instead of 12. However, the amazing photographer I am, I did a snow dance and made it snow, lol. It was a nice cold, snowy-ish (<– is that a word? lol) portrait session.

On the contrary, the wedding day was anything but cold. It was one of the hottest days in Spokane’s history. So hot in fact that it broke a record. The previous record was broken back in 1922! Say Whaaa!!

By the end of the day I wanted the snow back. Hehehe

The day turned out to be amazing! Her dress was to die for. Her brother (yes, brother) made a hanging flower curtain for the altar that she really wanted! To top it all off, she married the love of her life… Jerry! … I mean Jared =)

Gown: Allure from Bay Area Bridal
Suits: Vera Wang – Men’s warehouse
Bouquet Flowers : Spokane Produce (assembled by my mom Robin Silver)
Floral backdrop decoration flowers: All Seasons Floral and assembled by wedding party
Cake by Emma Lee Bowmen


If you would like to book your wedding, or a family session, contact Ana Laura Photography today!

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